Thursday, 31 July 2014

KOPACK Super 250 8+1 Color Rotary Letterpress Machine

We have one unit KOPACK Rotary Letterpress Machine here for sale. It has been fully reconditioned and available for testing. It has accurate registration and in unbelievably good condition. Looks brand new. 

Model: Super 250
Variant: 8 Colors + 1 Varnish
Year: 1995
Origin: JAPAN

Technical Specification
  • Max. Paper Width: 250 mm
  • Max. Printing Width: 240 mm
  • Printing Repeat Length: 203 - 457.2 mm
  • Max. Machine Speed: 100 m/minute
  • Max. Unwind Diameter: 800 mm
  • Max. Rewind Diameter: 800 mm
  • Max. Flat-Bed Die-Cut Size: 250 x 206 mm
  • Max. Rotary Die-Cut Width : 235 mm
  • Rotary Die-Cut Repeat: 228.6 – 457.2 mm
  • Overall Dimensions: 6250 (L) x 2300 (H) x 2445 (W) mm

  • Unwinder with Tension Control with Magnetic Powder Brake
  • Rewinder with Tension Control with Magnetic Powder Brake
  • BST Web Guide (Germany)
  • Main 1000 mm CI Drum with Printing Station Unit #1 - #6
  • Satellite Station with Printing Station Unit #7 and #8
  • Each Printing Unit equipped with Wash Up Motor
  • UV Flexo Varnish on Satellite Station #9 with Varnish Pump
  • GEW Air Cool UV Curing System Equipped (UK)
  • Flat-Bed Die-Cut Unit with QuadTech Digital Auto Registration
  • Rotary Die-Cut Unit (E-Type)
  • Lamination Unit
  • Waste-Off Unit
  • 2 Set Back Slitting Knives

Comes with:
  • 9 pcs Plate Cylinder Shaft
  • Printing Cylinders with Gears
  • New Printing Rollers 
  • 9 pcs Flat-Bed Die-Cut Gear
  • Magnetic Cylinder
  • Corona Treater

We would like to invite all interested parties to visit our premises for a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION test run or demo of this KOPACK Rotary Letterpress machine. You can bring your own jobs and material to test existing, real-run jobs. Do not hesitate to call us up for an appointment.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Zonten Offset Intermittent

Zonten Offset Intermittent was exhibited in Kuala Lumpur Printing Exhibition in October 2013. The machine was sold to Profile Label in JB.