About Us

MetroGraphic Equipment is established since 1992 and specializes in New, Used and Refurbished Label Printing Machines. We have sold Flatbed Machines, Intermittent Machines, Full Rotary Machines and accessory machines such as Slitter Machines, Plate Making Machine and others. Our company's specializes in the stickers and label industry, and have more than 20 years of experiences providing maintenance and after-sales services mainly throughout Malaysia and South East Asia. We have a large team of 10 technicians standing by at all times and are experts in Letterpress and Flexo printing technology. Our company is currently the agent of Lombardi Flexo Machines from Italy and Zonten Machines that includes Intermittent Letterpress and Intermittent Offset from China..We are also experts in Japan Letterpress Machines especially Kopack Full Rotary Machines and others such as Sanjo, Sanki, Hikari, Lintec, Iwasaki and so on.

Over the years, MetroGraphic Equipment have sold Label Printing Machines to many countries near and far. While our company's main market is our local market in Malaysia, we have sold to other countries in the region such as Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia. We also have experiences selling machines to the UK, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. 

Besides importing and exporting Label Printing Machine, we are also highly experienced in refurbishing old Label Printing Machine. MetroGraphic searches and buys old machines aged 15 years and above that has potential in the market and make it 
into a near new condition machine. Procedures includes removals of all part, replacement of major and minor parts with new parts, paint removal and applying new paint, installation, re-calibration and final testing. This procedure allows old machine to have a new lease of life and guaranteed to last another decade and more.

We are currently the Agent of the following brand : 

ZONTEN - Manufacturer of Intermittent Offset, Intermittent Letterpress, Stacked Flexo, Flat-bed Die-Cut, Slitting machines from CHINA.

RHYGUAN - Manufacturer of Die-Cut, Label Converting and Finishing Equipment from CHINA

ANYTRON - Manufacturer of Digital Laser Printing Machine from SOUTH KOREA

Do not hesitate to contact us regarding sales, servicing and maintenance machines that we are agent of and also any other Japanese, South Korean and Taiwan label printing machines.