Refurbished / Reconditioned

Besides being agents of new machines, MetroGraphic's specialty is definitely reconditioning old machine. What MetroGraphic does is buying old machine that has potential in the market and refurbished it to near 90% of when it was a new machine. We have experiences sourcing machine from Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand and we mainly deal with Japanese Brands such as Kopack, Sanjo, Sanki, Hikari, Lintec, Iwasaki and so on. Before purchasing a machine, we would fly to where the machine is to assess its current condition and would usually only buy machines that are still running. Once the condition proves to be acceptable, we would have the machine separated and move into containers to be shipped back to our Malaysia factory, where the reconditioning would take place.

Once back in our factory, we would start dismantling every part for further checking and come out with a list of parts in need for replacement. As experienced machine suppliers, we know what are the essential parts of a label printing machine that affects the printing quality the most and we absolutely spare no cost to replace these important parts. After that, we would remove all machine body panels and parts for cleaning and preparation for painting. We here at MetroGraphic adopts car painting techniques and procedures to give machines a nice paint coat. We use Epoxy paint that is durable and scratch proof and is different from other suppliers who does reconditioning. While a team handles the paint and body work, new parts are ordered and once everything is ready, we would begin assembling all parts and attached the separated machine bodies together.

The finished machine would be on display in the factory and a final testing of machine's printing quality by our in-house, qualified operator will be done. Usually, reconditioning a machine requires 2 - 3 months depending on machine size because we spare no effort and do not rush to finish. MetroGraphic have a policy of inviting potential customer to bring their actual printing jobs and test on our machine to ensure greatest satisfaction. As we are very confident with our reconditioned machine, we welcome all sorts of tests from potential customers. We always received feedback stating we managed to make a 20 years old machine look brand new. Certainly it does not only look new from the new paint and new parts, its printing quality it just as good as when it was new. If you visit our premises, you would certainly be surprise to see a machine undergoing reconditioning and you could see that every screw, every part is stripped and replaced. You would not regret buying a reconditioned machine from MetroGraphic and we would gladly provide you our in-house guarantee on its reliability and condition.