Zonten - China Intermittent Offset & Letterpress Machine

Over the years, many label printing machine manufacturers have appeared in China regardless of size and quality. As a company that had been selling new South Korean machines, used and refurbished/reconditioned Japanese machines, we were skeptical and careful before committing to include China machines in our portfolio. After 2 years of researching and surveying China Suppliers, we were impressed with Zonten Machinery and decided to be its agent. Zonten Machinery have 2 factories; one in Shanghai, producing the Intermittent Offset machine and one in Wenzhou, producing the Intermittent Letterpress and other machine. Zonten is one of top brands in China and have very good feedback from its customers in China including those who have tried various brands before Zonten. One of its proudest achievement is the usage of Zonten Intermittent Offset machine by a Famous Japanese Printer and awarded with a certificate of recognition. Furthermore, Zonten have high sales volume in Italy, a country where many great label printing machine manufacturers are based. This certainly shows the standard of Zonten's machinery.


Zonten Intermittent Offset's design is an inspiration of the famous Offset Printing Machine manufacturer and leader, Heidelberg. Zonten has captured the essence of Heidelberg's machines and apply it on Label Printing machine with Intermittent concept. Intermittent concept allows printing at a larger range of print repeat length. If you were to look that the insides of the print units of Zonten Intermittent Offset machine, you will be surprised how advance the mechanics of the machine and have high reliability and quality not inferior to European machine. Its advantages over conventional offset machine is the ability to print roll to roll and at high speed. Its advantage over letterpress machine is the sharpness of print quality and lower cost from cheaper printing plates. Zonten Intermittent Offset machine is easy to operate and maintain and build to last.


Zonten's second main product is its Intermittent Letterpress machine. Zonten Intermittent Letterpress machine  is already very mature and is capable of printing at a speed of 250 impression/min with sharp and accurate registration. So far, none of its competitor has this ability and also during exhibitions, Zonten prints a 4 color web design that is only possible with a high accuracy machine. Equipped with a camera that allows operators to monitor the accuracy of printing makes the Zonten Intermittent Letterpress machine one that is easy to operate and offers great quality.

Other machines that Zonten manufactures include:

  • LRY-330/RY-330 --- Stacked Flexo Label Printing Machine
  • SGMQ-320 --- Multi Functional Two-heads Die-Cut Machine
  • MQ-320 --- Multi Functional  Die-Cut Machine
  • FQ-320 --- High-speed Slitting Machine
  • LP300-UV --- Ink Jet Printing Machine

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