Rhyguan - China Finishing Machine

Rhyguan Machinery specializes in the R&D and manufacturer of Label Converting and Finishing Equipment. Rhyguan has a manufacturing plant located in Ruian, Wenzhou. The main product of Rhyguan Machinery is the High-speed Intermittent / Full Rotary Die-Cut Machine using Magnetic Cylinders with Flexible Die. Unlike conventional Die-Cut Machine that uses flat-bed mechanism, Rhyguan's Die-Cut machine allows larger repeat length and higher speed with rotary knife. Rhyguan have made it possible to produce In-Mould Label with their Die-Cut machine. Rhyguan Machines can also include many optional functions that provide all-in-one machines that saves space and reduce production time. Due to huge interest from some region, Rhyguan launched a High Speed Flat-Bed Die-Cut machine and also a big breakthrough, a Laser Die-Cut machine.

The optional functions available for the TOP-330 are as below:-

The machine can be upgraded to include a variety of optional.  A sample of a PLUS 330Z is as below. It features a Flat-Bed Die Cut with Hot Stamping, Flexo Unit with Cold Foil Attachment and a Rotary/Intermittent Die Cut.

Other machines that Rhyguan manufactures include:

  • TOP-330-2 --- High Speed Die-Cut Machine with In-Mould Label support
  • TOP-330-TWINS --- Double Station Rotary Die-Cut Machine
  • KISS-330 --- High Speed Flat-Bed Die-Cut Machine
  • SRF-330 --- Semi-Rotary Flexo Varnish Machine
  • SMART-330 --- Inspection Machine with Slitter, equipped with AVT Inspection System
  • WON-330 --- High Speed Slitting Machine with Automatic Turret Rewinder (max. 300m/min)
  • IDC-DL330 --- Laser Die-Cut Machine
  • PS-HS330 --- Digital Ink Jet Printing Machine 

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