Anytron - Digital Label Machine

Bitek Technology Incorporated which is located in South Korea, has 20 years of history, starting with producing a RFID printer and proved to be successful in the domestic market. After their success, they set their sight on the variable small-run label printing market. After much research and development, they launched their digital color label printing machine under the brand, "Anytron".
Their printer uses laser toner technology which is proven to produce quality label with easy operation. They found another success and until now, they have sold hundreds of machines worldwide with sales representative with more than 15 countries. Bitek believe in revolutionizing the short run label market and continues to develop their products to cater to changing needs of printer and even manufacturer of products. Bitek have a huge facility and is dedicated to providing the best quality printers.

Digital Machines such as the Anytron's Any-002 is said to be the future of the printing industry.
This is because there is no need for skilled operators as digital machines can be easily operated just with basic computer knowledge.  It is easy and you could print directly with a click on your computer. There are so many savings that could be made over conventional printing machines such as low paper wastage, short setup time, quick job chang, no pre-press needed and able to maintain cleanliness. You could also print variable data along with your design in one go.

Any-002 Digital Laser Printing Machine

Any-Rewinder specifically for Any-002

After printing, there is the Any-Blade plotter machine that would do the die-cutting. As the Any-002 could print without the hassle of producing films and printing plates, the Any-Blade could easily die-cut without specific cutting blocks. This ensures quick job changes. If you something faster and high technology, there is the Any-cut, a laser die-cutting machine that is capable of high speed and accurate cutting in addition of lamination unit.

Any- Blade Digital Plotter Machine

Any-Cut Digital Laser Cutting Machine

We have a Any-002 printing machine and a Any-Blade plotter machine ready at our office. We could perform demonstration for customers live on the spot.