Friday, 29 May 2015

STOCK UPDATE 29/05/2015

We at MetroGraphic Equipment are pleased to announce to existing customers and potential customers that our inventory and work in progress have been updated. We currently have these additions to our current inventory. You can check our current stock list at the menu above.
New Machines
  • BJ MEWAH Flat-Bed Die-Cut Machine with Slitter 
  • SONATA Slittiing Machine (SOUTH KOREA)
  • KOREA Mobile UV Coating Machine (SOUTH KOREA)
  • KOPACK Super 250 6+1 Color Machine (JAPAN)
  • IWASAKI RU50 Machine  (JAPAN)
Reconditioning in Progress
  • SHIKI PC-4530 MWL Flat-Bed Letterpress Machine (JAPAN)
  • SHIKI PC-30 MWL Flat-Bed Letterpress Machine (JAPAN)

As usual, we would like to invite all interested parties to visit our premises for a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION test run or demo of our machines. You can bring your own jobs and material to test existing, real-run jobs. Do not hesitate to call us up for an appointment.

Eric Goh - 0193366167
Gary - 0122630302