Thursday, 18 June 2015

*SOLD* ZONTEN Super 320 6 Color Intermittent Letterpress Machine Demo Unit

We have one unit ZONTEN Intermittent Letterpress Machine here for demo purposes. We brought in a 9 year old machine in order to instill a sense of reliability of China made machine to the industry. This machine have not been refurbished at all. Often we hear customer ask are Chinese machines reliable and how is the quality. Now you can see with your eyes how a 9 year old Chinese Intermittent machine perform with great accuracy up to 200 impression/minute. You can view the registration via the CCD Camera on the machine to ensure high accuracy throughout printing. We hope customer would increase confidence in Chinese machine especially our brand, ZONTEN because ZONTEN machine have already achieve such high standards and qualities. So, you can buy new ZONTEN machines with ease from us.

Model: Super 320
Variant: 6 Colors
Year: 2006
Origin: China

Technical Specification
  • Max. Paper Width: 320 mm
  • Max. Printing Width: 290 mm
  • Printing Repeat Length: 50 - 250 mm
  • Machine Speed: 30 - 200 impression/minute
  • Max. Unwind Diameter: 700 mm
  • Max. Rewind Diameter: 700 mm
  • Overall Dimensions: 6800 (L) x 1400 (H) x 1600 (W) mm
  • Machine Weight: 6000 kg

  • 6 Printing Modules
  • Individual Panasonic Servo Motor Driven for each module (Japan)
  • TRIO Control System by (UK) - same as LINTEC
  • Touch Screen Panel for Machine Operation
  • UV Light UV Curing System Equipped for each module (Taiwan)
  • Touch Screen Panel for UV System

Comes with:
  • Unwinder Unit
  • Rewinder Unit 
  • 2 sets of Printing Cylinder
  • Print Cylinder Plate Mounting Unit
  • BST Camera with monitor (Germany)

We would like to invite all interested parties to visit our premises for a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION test run or demo of this ZONTEN Intermittent Letterpress machine. You will be amazed at how well this 9 year old machine performs. You can bring your own jobs and material to test existing, real-run jobs. Do not hesitate to call us up for an appointment.