Monday, 1 February 2016

We have shifted our premise !!

The year 2016 have just arrived and everyone hopes for a great beginning to a brand new year. 
We at MetroGraphic Equipment hopes for the same and we began the year with a "BANG".
It has been more than years we have been located at our Kuala Lumpur location and it seems like the next time to upgrade our premise. So, I would like to announce that we have moved to a new location. 

Our new building consists of 3 floors and 2 floors are showrooms where machines could be viewed with comfort and ease. This new building is 3 times larger than the old premise and is capable of housing more machines. We at MetroGraphic are stockies that have many machines that are available to deliver without waiting.  

The building also have a large facility for our in-house reconditioning of machines and also our service area for repairing faulty parts for customers. 

With the new building and all its facilities, we hope that we could further accommodate our customers and be more efficient to serve our customers. We are always ready to tend to customers needs whether you are our existing customers or new customers looking for good machines. We are your go-to guys.